The reason for this phenomenon in constant growth is given by a series of reasons that we will explain, starting with the fact that it is a profession that grants maximum freedom – because it is not subject to any obligation of time – and the ease with which it is find a job.


How does erotic video chat work

Whether it’s a public or private conversation, a girl’s webcam earnings come from how much she’s able to entertain users. The public video chats are offered free of charge by the girl and, although not generating income, it is a way that allows her to attract viewers to the private erotic video chat , where the user is a source of profit.

The difference between the two types of chat is that in public an explicit video is prohibited while in private everything is possible and it’s up to the girl on the webcam to define the limits. Obviously, the more you manage to entertain the viewer, the greater your income.


To be successful a webcam model must be sensual, attractive and very feminine, as well as uninhibited and obviously exhibitionist.

In terms of objective requirements, it is mandatory to be of legal age: this is the status that the manager of the web portal that hosts the girls on the webcam checks by scanning an identity document.

How to proceed

O platform registration chosen means filling in a form with your data and the nickname you want to make yourself known with.

Here are the most famous sites that offer this service and where you can work as a girl on webcam:

  • Live Jasmin, which has an extensive community. It is preferable to know English, as it is an international portal.
  • I’m Live, which sees the presence of famous porn actresses. Also in this case, you need to know English.
  • Varduma, is a Brazilian portal with a local clientele.

When you fill out the profile, it’s good to post sexy photos that stimulate men’s erotic imagination.

How To Create A Porn Site In 2021 | Updated Tutorial

Especially in the beginning, having not yet matured a loyal clientele, you need to use your image to feed curiosity. In the personal space, the publication of a gallery with photos of this type and a video presentation are essential elements that accompany an allusive and provocative identity kit.

how much to earn and how

Saying how much a girl earns on a webcam is a difficult thing. The more experienced ones can earn more than 2000 dollars a month, while in the beginning you can reach around 6/700 dollars, it always depends on how much time you dedicate to this activity. Here is a little vademecum.


choose the price

If you charge for time, prices range from $1 to $5 per minute. The suggestion for those who start with this activity and cannot count on their own clientele is to choose a cheap rate.

How much time to devote to the activity

This is a subjective choice because there are many factors that can affect time availability. In the beginning, you have to plan at least 6/7 hours a day to take advantage of the opportunities to make yourself known.


It’s essential that the resolution of the video you’re streaming live is crisp and fluid. This is to entice the viewer to continue watching your live sex show and thus be able to offer a well-defined private video chat. This means you have to budget to buy an HD webcam and a good microphone, as well as having a stable and fast internet connection. The setting is usually the room with dim lighting.


The eye wants its share: provocative lingerie to be erotic, socks stay-ups, high-heeled shoes and some sexy toys will come in handy. Remember that the more you intrigue your viewer, the longer they are online, which will mean more profit for you.

Virtual store

To feed the recipes you can put something of yourself for sale like erotic photos, videos, but also used underwear and shoes, setting the price.


Normally all platforms pay in the following month, by bank transfer or, at your choice, by sending anonymous rechargeable prepaid cards.


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